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Are you looking to replace your old weatherboard cladding or need a fresh cladding put on your property or fitted in an extension on your building? We have a huge gallery of pictures to choose from and an even extensive array of color and textures to pick from to give your home the unique appearance that accentuates your style and class.

Are timber weatherboards a good choice?

Timber weatherboards are the traditional cladding system used by most people use and even though it comes in different brands and types that suit your standards and style. The market for timber cladding has gone down with fewer people vying for more sustainable options that are easier to take care off or don’t need any maintenance at all; Timber is still one of the best cladding objects to use for homes.

Types of Timber Cladding are

Oak Cladding is natural, durable, and fitted with 20 percent average moisture content to ensure stability. They also come in a variety of colors and hues to fit any environment and upgrade your property’s look.

Western Red Cedar Cladding is softer with a welcoming hue that brings some warmth and humility to your building. They are also natural and very striking, and the hues can never be replicated by synthetic weatherboards on the market. These and more are available on our company, call for a free consultation and quote today.

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