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Weatherboards are the best choice for cladding the exterior of your home and they can be fixed on all types of surfaces including brick wall, smooth and rough cemented surface, wood and so on.

Weatherboards can be used to clad the entire house or are combined with other building material like stone, colorful pebbles, timber to create a multi-facet look. Weatherboards are available in different styles and can be used to create a modern or contemporary look on a house.

Why weatherboard cladding as the choice to beautify the exterior of a house.

Weatherboards are the faster and cheapest way to add beauty to home; they are easy to install and lightweight but durable to withstand the elements. Weatherboards are created as requested by the homeowner, and if correctly fixed, has a lifetime warranty with proper maintenance.

Some advantages of weatherboard cladding are

  • They come in different unique colors that eliminate the need for pain or touch up in the future
  • They don’t need too many people to install it. In fact, if you have an idea of the steps, you can DIY your weatherboard cladding yourself
  • Maximizes light and air that enters the interior of the house

These and more are some of the reasons why you need to weatherboard clad your home today.

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