Weatherboard Cladding Woodingdean

house white weatherboard

Weatherboard cladding can be painted for several reasons

  • To cut the cost of replacement
  • To change the color of the exterior
  • However, when painting your weatherboards, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be seriously adhered to if you are to get it right
  • Choose the right paint that will not wash away during rain or fade away by the sun
  • Ensure the surface is smooth if the surface is not smooth; sand it until it’s smooth
  • Use environmentally friendly paints; they will also help your weatherboards to last longer
  • Mix the paint properly before application
  • Apply the paint to the weatherboard in one direction mostly horizontal
  • Use a small paint brush to paint in between the gaps
  • Allow the paint to dry and you have a new looking weatherboard cladding for your home in a matter of minutes

DIY your weatherboard is a great attempt, but to get it right, please call the professionals and if you reside in the Woodingdean area or in the surrounding villages. We are affordable, fast and deliver fast reliable painted weatherboard cladding for you.

Do have the right finances to hire new weatherboard cladding services, don’t hesitate to call us now, we are your local home improvement handymen.

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