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Weatherboard cladding has been around for centuries and it simply means using temporary or permanent attachments to cover the exterior walls of a building to protect it from the elements.

As mentioned above cladding is an attachment, it doesn’t affect the structure on the building in any aspect, it doesn’t increase the stability of the structure, and they are only fixed on the exterior parts of a building.

What roles does cladding play on a building?

Some of the reasons why a building needs cladding are

  • It creates a regulated internal atmosphere
  • Protects the exterior of the building from the elements such as wind, snow, etc
  • They increased the privacy in your building
  • They reduce the amount of sound that enters the house
  • Most claddings are fireproof or fire resistant and help prevent a fire
  • They increase the warmth in a house
  • They also create a well-ventilated space

How are cladding made?

Weatherboard claddings are usually is long rectangular shapes that are slide on the building or hammered on in a systematic pattern. They are held in place by clips or glue-like substance with a little gap from the base of the wall for ventilation.

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