Weatherboard Cladding Westhampnett

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One of the popular materials used for weatherboard cladding in Westhampnett is timber. Some pros of using timber for your weatherboard cladding include the lightness of the material with makes it not require much building structure to support it. It also has amazing heat and acoustic properties. It has great aesthetic properties, the material is very sustainable and has a very low carbon footprint.

Another popular material used for weatherboard cladding is fibre cement. Fibre cement weatherboarding is characteristically square-edged and possesses a timber-like exterior finish, this makes it easy to use as an aesthetic replacement for timber if the need arises. Fibre cement can also be fixed and worked like timber but has a lot more added beneficial properties. The properties include: It can be found in a wide range of colours. It is easy to stall and requires low maintenance, it is resistant to wetness, infestation and fire. It also does not warp, shrink or rot. It is very resistant to unfriendly weather conditions and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

Weatherboard cladding requires a team of professionals and we have that readily available. Kindly get in touch with us for your weatherboard cladding job in Westhampnett.

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