Weatherboard Cladding Westergate

house white weatherboard

Weatherboarding is a form of external cladding and traditionally, it was made from timber. With the recent advancement of technology and in a bid to finding more easy and convenient weatherboard to use, there have been other materials that have come into the light, such as uPVC and fibre cement. Depending on your aesthetic requirements, there are a lot of profile and finish that available. A weatherboard cladding is designed to be laid with an overlap, unlike the flush cladding where boards are fitted together with no overlap. This kind of cladding is also very effective in wet seasons, damp climates, or an area with close proximity to the sea where there is a high risk of salt-content spray.

Using a weatherboard cladding is the best alternative to safeguarding your property and also re-rendering the exteriors of your home. you can choose to cover only a part of your home with the cladding or the entire exterior to achieve a stunning effect. It requires little or no maintenance and helps you cut down on cost – with just soapy water, the cleaning is done. As a Westergate resident, a weatherboard cladding should be a must-have and a very favourable investment to make.

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