Weatherboard Cladding West Wittering

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As a resident of Wittering, if you have been thinking and not sure if you need planning permission for the installation of a weatherboard cladding, then take a look at this.

Most of the time, it isn’t required that you get planning permission for the installation of a weatherboard cladding but in some rare cases, you might be needing one, especially when it involves alteration.

Installing a weatherboard cladding normally brings about an aesthetic change to the look of your home. Yes, it brings alterations but not the type that is bad, so in the case of alteration, you don’t need planning permission.

Being a house owner in Wittering will require you to have some knowledge about the permitted development right that allows you to carry out some certain building and repair works on your property without the need of seeking the permission of your local authority.

If you are wondering whether you need permission to get one then you should be aware that it doesn’t really need permission but if your home is situated in the places below, then you should contact your local authorities to know if you can get on with it.

  • An area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • A listed building

A Conservation Area

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