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house white weatherboard

Weatherboard cladding is sometimes referred to as featheredge cladding. This is traditionally made from a timber tapered board that is carefully layered thick end over narrow end and fixed horizontally. A weatherboard cladding comes in different varieties of colours and profiles. It is beautifully designed with the look and feel of wood and often, with an embossed finish which requires low maintenance and makes it a good substitute for timber.

Normally, the weatherboard planks are laid horizontally across the wall on vertical battens in order to allow the flow of rain down the front face of one of the plank to the one below. But if they are installed vertically, then you might encounter a problem with the flow of water. So, it is best to install the weatherboard horizontally and ensure that the plank is arranged and overlapped well enough to stay firm in case of a prevailing wind.

In order to get the best out of your weatherboard cladding, you should let the professionals handle the installation and that is where we come in – we offer the best installation services in Washington and beyond and you can trust us to handle your installation. For more information and, get in touch with us.

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