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When looking for the first line of defence of the external walls of a building, the first thing to look out for is a weatherboard cladding. This building necessity protects your building from rain, sun, heat, cold, and even the snow. Generally, masonry wall doesn’t usually need siding but this kind of siding can be added to any wall to make it look great and protect it. Cladding enhances the beauty of the building if all the framed walls are sided.

Weatherboarding is an external cladding with varieties of options to choose from. There are timber weatherboards, Upvc and fibre cement planks that has the appearance of natural timber. They come as a traditional overlap or as a flush cladding, depending on the kind of finish you want.

Normally, a siding is made up of weather-resistant material and other accessories for easy installation. We offer weatherboard installation and you can be sure of getting the best installation from us. We use the ventilated rainscreen principle in order to remove moisture and to keep the walls dry, keeping your environment comfortable to live in. If you live in Warminghurst and need to install a weatherboard cladding, get in touch with us today for more information and to get started!

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