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Did you know you can combine weatherboards and other building materials when cladding the exterior of your Upwaltham home? Yes, weatherboards can be combined with bricks, render, and stone to create all sorts of looks. They can also be used alone to clad the entire exterior of your Upwaltham home. It is all a matter of personal choice. In addition to this, weatherboards can be fixed on different types of substrates such as brick, fibre cement etc. Weatherboards are ideal for cladding the outside of the home and they can be fixed to all kinds of substrates including fibre cement, brick, and so on.  We can install all kinds of weatherboards to suit either traditional or contemporary homes.

They are quick and easy to install, and even though they are mostly lightweight, they are usually very strong and durable. No matter the kind of materials they are made from, they usually last for several years if installed properly and maintained properly.

Timber weatherboards would require repainting or re-staining as a form of maintenance. Vinyl weatherboards require washing with a mild detergent. Contact our team of experts if you need help on picking the most suitable weatherboard options for your Upwaltham home.

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