Weatherboard Cladding Tangmere

house white weatherboard

Weatherboard cladding in Tangmere, usually consist of long and rectangular timber panels, these timber panels are attached to the outside of a house in a pattern that overlaps horizontally. The horizontal pattern makes sure that any moisture which lands on the boards would easily roll off to the ground. However, boards and panels can also be installed vertically.

It is advised to check your wood clad walls at least once or two times every year to ensure there is no mildew, mould or rot and the wood would usually need to be oiled regularly and painted or stained.

The good news about timber weatherboards is that they are widely used and have a lot of maintenance and repair products available, therefore they are relatively easy to maintain. Weatherboards have a classic finish, they are natural, provides a cool home in summer because they are poor heat insulators, they have a classic finish. They are also relatively affordable.

The only advantage of weatherboard cladding that easily comes to mind is that they do require a lot of maintenance, needed to be checked for mildew or rot often and having to be oiled. But when properly handled and maintained, your wood clad Tangmere home would have a classic finish look.

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