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house white weatherboard

Have you ever heard of fibre cement weatherboards? They are a great option for changing the look of your Sutton home. They can be found in a wide range of thicknesses, profiles and compositions. Fibre-cement weatherboards are usually very absorbent. They are usually painted to ensure they are durable and weatherproof. While painting them, darker colours are avoided to prevent distortion. Some compositions of fibre cement are however more stable than other compositions.

Fibre-cement weatherboards are most often vulnerable to moisture absorption, thermal movement and moisture penetration at the ends of the boards if not sealed properly.

Other kinds of weatherboards available include timber, vinyl, uPVC etc. Weatherboards are one of the most cost-effective ways to give your Sutton home an entirely new look. Weatherboards can be used to clad the entire exterior of your building or they can be combined with other building materials. Weatherboards require maintenance if they are to last very long, with some requiring more maintenance than others depending on the type of materials used. Our staff are available to provide advice on the different kinds of weatherboards and their installation. Kindly get in touch if you need any help with weatherboard cladding in Sutton.

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