Weatherboard Cladding Strettington

house white weatherboard

During a typical installation of weatherboards, the planks are generally fixed to vertical timber boards, with a waterproof membrane fitted between the boards and the building structure in wooden buildings. There is usually a gap of not less than one inch, left between the boards in order to allow for the circulation of oxygen and the prevention of water build up.

The initial boards to be installed are done on a starter trim, while ensuring that the boards are level as this would affect the subsequent boards. Boards are usually screwed on or nailed at every individual board to ensure they do not affect the next board. Stainless fittings are usually popularly recommended as they are very durable. Some points may require a cover strip or drip trim to be fixed, to prevent moisture from flowing into the top cavity.

Some advantages of timber weatherboarding, include the fact that it is lightweight and fast to install. The fact that it is lightweight reduces the cost and size of the building structure needed to support it. It has great acoustic and thermal properties, it is easy to repair and to maintain, it also has great aesthetic properties. We have a team of professionals that could help with your weatherboard cladding job in Strettington

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