Weatherboard Cladding Streat

house white weatherboard

There is nothing better than having a home with a timeless look – and the only way to achieve that is through weatherboard cladding.

In the Streat region and surrounding areas, we have established ourselves as the best cladding team with a list of successful weatherboard clad homes to show for it. Although cladding has been known for long, people still don’t have the proper knowledge of it and are afraid to indulge in anything that might spoil the structural appeal of their home.

The cladding is a process of using a material difference for the original surface of the building to cover the exterior of the home transforming its looks and appeal. So many time people have asked if they can clad brick wall. And our answer has always been YES.

Weatherboard cladding is the best alternative to rendering and the best way to infuse some contemporary textures and look into your building with ease. The cladding expert will show you different templates that can work on a brick surface when you have made the choice, cladding can then begin. Every inch can be clad, window frames, wall, smooth or rough surfaces, if you want it, and we will get it done for you.

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