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One of the most popular cladding materials used in weatherboard cladding in Southbourne is the timber weatherboards. Timber is very commonly used to achieve a natural yet classic look. Timber is a perfect choice if you want your house to look different but not brand new. It is often repainted over the years, for maintenance and for a change of looks. Timber is usually installed horizontally.

Timber has a lot of advantages which is why it is a very popular choice of cladding material. However, it is good to also consider the disadvantages of timber as a cladding material. Firstly, it is very flammable, even when sealed, this attracts increased premiums from insurance companies.  It also requires a lot of maintenance, involving regular painting. This painting is required at any time between three to five years. It carries a really high risk of spreading fires even when sealed.

Timber, like most other weatherboards, also needs to be installed by a professional. Timber would fade, warp or crack if not installed by a professional. This is why you should contact our team for your weatherboard cladding in Southbourne.  Other types of cladding materials used for weatherboard cladding include fibre cement, aluminum and UPVC.

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