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You will agree with me that there are many old homes in Mundham that could benefit from a facelift using weatherboard cladding. Using this type of cladding can amazingly change the look of the home from its former self. A weatherboard cladding is traditionally made from a timber tapered board, and it is normally fixed horizontally but in some cases, can be fixed vertically, depending on the specification of the product you choose. Today, weatherboard cladding is now available in a variety of profiles and colours that are built with the feel and look of wood, but are durable and requires low maintenance, and surely a great alternative to timber.

Installing a weatherboard cladding will make your home sturdy and resilient in the harshest of weather, and you will have total peace of mind when you know that your home can hold up against any weather, including winter and strong winds. Weatherboard panels don’t just serve as reliable protection from harsh weather but they can also add a layer of comfort to your home. They perform exactly like double-glazing for windows and doors, making you enjoy better insulation and dryness. Why not get in touch with us to enjoy all these and more by installing a weatherboard cladding?

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