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Is the exterior of your Singleton home looking worn down and tired, or do you just feel like giving your home a new look? Weatherboard cladding is a perfect way to totally rejuvenate your building and have it looking all new again without having to break a bank. Keep reading if you want to know what weatherboard cladding is all about and how it can help your Singleton home.

What is Weatherboard Cladding?

Weatherboarding is a kind of cladding that’s commonly used in covering the exterior of a building in order to make it look attractive and also to protect your building. They are often made from timber or reconstituted hardwood which is also sometimes stained or painted to any colour of choice.  They can also be made from vinyl.  Timber weatherboards are made by sourcing timber from sustainable sources. Timber weatherboards give the home a classic and neat look, and even though nothing beats this look, they usually require regular maintenance every few years. Maintenance involves resealing, repainting or re-staining.  Vinyl weatherboards are also quite popular and are usually available in a wide range of colours, and are usually easy to maintain. Kindly contact our team for your weatherboard cladding in Singleton.

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