Weatherboard Cladding Plumpton

house white weatherboard

While cladding is the best protection for your building there are certain factors to put in place before seeking the help of a professional is called to finish the job.

Plumpton is a beautiful town and using a weatherboard cladding on your property will definitely set you apart from the rest. However, the picturesque town is one that has elegant parks and public gardens littered all over the surrounding. If you decide to clad your property tomorrow, you will have to consider the following

  • Check if the building is on a listed property
  • Part of a beautification project
  • Must follow a particular cladding regulation
  • The kind of home improvement that needs to be done

These above rules are necessary because cladding is considered an act of public building violation or part of a party wall act and needs the right authority to certify that your building can undergo weatherboard cladding with the proper documentation.

How do I start the paperwork process?

Walk into any of the housing unit offices and ask the necessary question. Give your correct address and the location of your building so that it can be checked. If your property is not in violation of any of the rules, you are given a go ahead.

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