Weatherboard Cladding Patching

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Planning on getting your home renovated or fitted with weatherboard cladding, then you need to know some rules attached to fixing them. Although weatherboards are not a major renovation project that needs permission for the housing regulation, there are certain situations where permission is needed.

  • If the building is part of a conservation area or park
  • If you will be performing some major or minor adjustment to any one part of the structure
  • If your property is on a listed land mass by the government

When you fall in any of the listed categories, you will be allowed to fix the weatherboard cladding to your property but you have to have that permission on hand before any work begins on the building.

This permission slip will allow you clad unhindered or you can be forced by the law to remove the cladding material even after you are done with the process.

Why work with us?

Our entire cladding materials meet up to the government standards and are inspected before installing. Furthermore, all weatherboards are fireproof and strong against the elements and are fitted to provide you with the best-looking property on the block.

To stay ahead of the law and ensure all grounds are covered, you need a team like ours to give to a problem-free weatherboard cladding without stress.

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