Weatherboard Cladding North Stoke

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Do you have an older home in North Stoke which you are considering bringing up to date by changing the look of certain features in the exterior? Weatherboard cladding is a sure way of doing this. Weatherboards can transform your home, adding character to it to bring it up to date.

If your home was built as late as the 70s or even 60s, weatherboards can be used to give it a facelift. This transformation can be made in such a way that your building would look completely different from its former self. The most traditional material used for weatherboard cladding is timber, Timber would give your home a classic and meat finish. Timber weatherboards are usually installed horizontally to enable moisture roll off the top of the boards.

Today weatherboards are available in a wide range of colours and profiles. They are still usually constructed to have a wood-like appearance and feel, although many of them are no longer made of timber. All weatherboards are durable if well maintained and they usually last long. Contact us for your weatherboard cladding in North Stoke.

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