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house white weatherboard

External cladding for houses can also be extended to business premises and commercial building with an extensive range of colors and this is making architect, bricklayers and painters have a field time with home improvement.

Weatherboard cladding planks are usually 150mm to 200mm in length but can be shorter depending the area been fixed. This size makes it easier to layer on larger buildings with it looking awkward.

If you reside in Muddleswood and the surrounding areas; if you ever need a weatherboard cladding professional for your home or any building, call us now.

Application of weatherboard cladding

Weatherboard cladding is not only applicable in homes but can be used for offices, private and public building and premises, schools, sports complexes, warehouses, hospitals and even in hospital wards, factories, and commercial facilities.

Features of weatherboard cladding

  • Strong and durable
  • The color is permanent and doesn’t fade or wash away
  • Weatherboards don’t rot, warp or crack
  • They are easy to install
  • It is able to withstand the element
  • Has a long lifetime warranty

Benefits of using weatherboard

  • It doesn’t require any maintenance
  • It provides warmth and light to the interior of a house
  • It is a money saver
  • It improves the aesthetic of the home

Choose weatherboard cladding for an exterior that will wow you always.

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