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When we started weatherboard cladding a long time ago, people didn’t even know what it was or how they will benefit from cladding their exteriors. To answer the question for the many clients we cater to we have listed some benefits of weatherboard cladding are:

  • Easy to maintain: if you choose a color close to sandy, you might just allow the raining season do the washing for you but generally weatherboards are cleaned once or twice a year.
  • Durability: because weatherboards are fixed on the exterior of the building, they are made with durable materials that can withstand the elements for complete protection.
  • They keep your home insulated: the additional material of the exterior of your home adds extra warmth to your interior keep your energy bills low and house maintenance fees even lower.
  • Easy to install: with professionals like us, sliding a plant of weatherboard into place is simple. We can get the entire exterior done in a matter of hours and have your neighbors wow at dinner.

What are the varieties available?

To satisfy customers, cladding comes in various colors, textures, style, designs, and weight. These are to ensure that each plank slide enhances your taste and style with compromising on quality.

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