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Let us give your home a timeless face with our durable, low maintenance, versatile and easy to install weatherboard to give your home the defense that will change its outlook forever.

What is weatherboard cladding?

Weatherboard cladding for wall or any part of a building is usually your first thought at protecting the exterior of our home. It protects a building for harsh sun rays, snow, rain, and even dew.

Is my wall a good surface for weatherboard cladding?

Weatherboard can be added to any wall; a good professional should know what to do to make it stay put and serve the purpose of installing it. Cladding not only protects the building, but it also improves the look and gives the building a facelift.

Can I weatherboard inside my home?

No, weatherboards, as the name suggests, are sliders put in place to protect the building against the harsh weather. So they are mainly for the exterior of a home or building.

Are weatherboards waterproof?

Weatherboards were previously made of timber, but as time improves, we have different types and even PVC weatherboards that are lightweight, durable and waterproof in amazing colors and textures.

If you live around the Kingston area and need a weatherboard cladding for our building, you know the guys to call today. One phone call and we are there.

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