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Weatherboard cladding prevents excess damage of your walls against rain, snow, and sun. The cladding can be laid in different patterns such as flush, vertical, longitudinal and overlaid depending on what best fits your home and your budget. However, timber used to be the cladding material of choice, but not anymore, with the introduction of other simple materials that are more defined and affordable choices for every part of your building

Why is timber no long the desired choice?

Timber is the wood of choice for everything and weatherboard cladding if you desire rustic and old vibe to your home, but modernization has changed everything. Another reason why timber is going out of fashion is the cost; with the numerous bills we pay daily in and around our homes, having to cater and carve out money from an already tight budget is difficult.

Furthermore, timber been wood is susceptible to fungal and moss growth if not treated and when compared to more affordable forms of weatherboard cladding that don’t suffer from such problems.

Timber is also likely to fade with continual heating from the sun which can dampen the look of a home. If you reside in the Kempton area and need the best advice on weatherboard cladding, call us now we are ready to help you out no obligation attached.

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