Weatherboard Cladding Highleigh

house white weatherboard

In case you don’t know what a weatherboard cladding is, what it does, and the benefits of having it installed in your Highleigh property, then read on.

A weatherboard cladding is used to protect the exterior wall of a property for the benefit of protecting it from any kind of damage that can be caused by harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and hail. Normally, it is laid horizontally with either flush, but the specifications of the cladding product and your own preference determines how it is laid. Traditionally, it was made from timber but over time, there have been more effective and cheaper alternatives to timber, they are PVCu and fibre cement cladding.

Not like as it used to be, the timber cladding has gone out of fashion and replaced by the weatherboard cladding. A lot of people have been wondering why it is so but here is why – we all know that the timber cladding can make an aesthetical effect on property but it is always expensive to buy and install. Also, it is prone to attack from fungal and insect, and wouldn’t stand the test of time… making you renovate after a few years. But the weatherboard cladding proffers solution to these and more, all at a cost-effective price!

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