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At Tide Solutions, we are repointing specialists with a record that is second to none. Our reputation is one we’re proud of and we strive to maintain it through the reliability of the service we provide.

If you reside in Hangleton and surrounding areas, you can enjoy a natural and beautiful textured weatherboard cladding that is easy to maintain and in more colors than you can imagine. Our weatherboards are weather and fire resistant ensuring that your most precious items are safe in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Why use our services?

We have been in the weatherboard cladding service in Hangleton for years; we have also mastered the art of fixing the boards to create beautiful patterns that make your building stand out in the community.

Why cladding is important?

Over the years, the exterior of our homes suffer from weather damage, rut and pieces of wood bursting at the joints, the cladding is a weather resistance material build to withstand the different types of weather while protecting your home to the fullest.

It also adds style and finesse to your exterior, creating an elegant 3-dimensionality that wows especially in the right colors.

Thinking of cladding your home today; call us for a free quote or get your weatherboard fixed. It is the right step to save money on your home.

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