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house white weatherboard

One popular method of weatherboarding is the uPVC weatherboarding. This style of weatherboarding is very versatile and combines the texture and natural appeal of timber with the low maintenance and the durable quality of fibre cement. Just like fibre cement, they can be fixed either horizontally or vertically, in addition, they can also be fixed diagonally on any type of building frame. uPVC weatherboards usually have a thinner unit than timber weatherboards and they can also be easily shaped to certain specifications, for instance, they can be given increased strength for lower level installations where an impact is more likely.

uPVC planks can be factory-made to fitted tolerances, in addition, they can’t split, twist or warp and this gives them an advantage over timber; and making them easier to work with. Various kinds of uPVC planks would usually require their own fixing method, however, they can also be easily mounted onto wooden planks. uPVC planks used for weatherboarding can be found in a wide range of colours, and are usually very easy to maintain. It is advised to be very careful with them however, as a scrape on the surface can show the white uPVC beneath. If you need professionals for your weatherboard cladding in Fontwell, kindly get in touch with us.

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