Weatherboard Cladding East Preston

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Weatherboard cladding is usually waterproof or water resistant material shaped like a long flat, lightweight rectangular planks that are fixed to the surface wall of your building exterior to enhance the look. The installation process is usually quick and fast when you work with the right team.

How are weatherboard fixed?

There are two methods of fixing weatherboards to your walls- the overlap process and the sliding process. The overlapping process when closely analyzed looks like a slanting slide while the sliding process is as said, slide into place with the help of a little tools place on each board before the next is placed on. However, both methods serve the same process and allow the circulation of air to keep the board durable but also prevent the wall from spoiling or developing mold through water or moisture.

What are the advantages of using Weatherboards?

  • They are super light and attractive
  • Easy to maintain, just run the water hose over them, and all the dirt comes sliding down
  • They are affordable and a better way to save money
  • Comes in different finishes that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes
  • Very durable and easy to install

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