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Are you a homeowner seeking to upgrade the look of your home or you just want to transform the general aesthetic of the building or perhaps you want to fix a minor or major problem with the exterior of your building; then we have the best solution for a maintenance free exterior.

Meet the best weatherboard cladding team in the whole of Durrington, and surrounding area, reach out to us now. We provide the best cladding solution and some services we render are:

  • Re-cladding
  • Fixing damaged walls and leaks
  • Upgrading the weatherboard on the exterior
  • Install new weatherboard

Why choose us?

  • When it comes to weatherboard cladding, you will find a host of others on the market; we are your best choice because:
  • Our weatherboard never needs painting or any touch-up maintenance
  • Our weatherboard claddings are strong and durable
  • Fade and rust resistant
  • Manufactured with a capillary channel that allows water to completely drain away to avoid moisture spoiling the wall behind the weatherboard
  • We have an array of color for your choosing
  • They are suited for new building, re-cladding and renovation projects
  • It is easy to install and affordable
  • Will not wear down or get ruined by the elements.

For more information on weatherboard cladding, or having one fixed on your property; call us today for a free consultation and quote.

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