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Weatherboards have been available for the longest time as a method of protecting your home from the harsh weather conditions often witnessed in Didling. Traditionally weatherboards were made from timber but today they exist in all kinds of materials, such as fibre cement, uPVC, and aluminum.

Each of these types of weatherboards has its advantages and disadvantages which must be seriously considered before making a choice of weatherboards. Timber weatherboards are popular, readily available and easy to install. Any damage caused by installation can easily be repaired with sandpaper and fillers.

Some disadvantages of timber weatherboards include: they require painting, they require treatment, if not treated, they are susceptible to splits and greying, they require yearly repainting and regular maintenance.

Fibre cement is an alternative to timber weatherboards but like all weatherboards, it also has its pros and cons.

Pros of fibre cement: It is very durable, it is very weather resistant and usually comes already coated with a primer.

Cons of fibre cement: it is heavy and tough to handle, they are also subject to thermal expansion.

To make a good decision on the most suitable kind of weatherboards for your Didling home, kindly get in touch with our team.

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