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Many people in Crossbush are conversant with timber weatherboards. Not many know that there are several other types of weatherboards. One of such types is the aluminum weatherboard. These are made from aluminum as connoted by their name. They are usually lightweight but surprisingly strong. The aluminum is always coated which a protective layer of powder. Some advantages of aluminum weatherboards include; they have great aesthetic qualities, meaning they improve the appearance of a house to an extent. They protect the exterior of a house, with the ability to handle unfavourable weather conditions. Aluminum has a structure that is pretty resistant to moisture, insect infestation and saltwater. Aluminum cladding is typically fitted with foam backing so that they can deliver good energy efficiency.

As with everything that has advantages, aluminum also has some disadvantages which include; they can be easily dented, so replacing a panel is usually very challenging. They can also be easily scratched. Furthermore, in high winds, they make a lot of noise and in hot temperatures, they expand. Other types of weatherboards that could be used instead of aluminum include timber, fibre cement, UPVC among others.

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