Weatherboard Cladding Clapham

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Cladding the exterior of your home protects the building from the damaging effect of the weather – rain, snow, and sunlight. It also gives and revives the look of the building, improving the value of the property, and if it is up for sale, give you good returns.

What are my cladding choices?

There are different cladding materials; the type you choose will determine how much of the elements will affect the building and the durability of the material. Basically, cladding controls the level of penetration that enters a building. Timber is the most commonly used materials but we have various types on the market, ranging from cement fiber, vinyl, and metal among others on the market.

What are the benefits of cladding my home?

Aside from changing the outward appearance of the house; cladding insulated the home and acts as sound proof to external factors. Furthermore, the materials are also fire resistant meaning a fire will not glaze down your building in case of any eventuality.

What are my choices?

The choices are numerous from colors to texture and style; cladding is the cheapest way to transform your home.

Can cladding be done on any home?

Yes, cladding can be installed on any home- new or old. Weatherboard cladding is long lasting and durable. Even timber is not your choice, there are other materials that are low cost and require absolutely no maintenance skills.

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