Weatherboard Cladding Burgess Hill

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Weatherboard cladding is a colorful and versatile addition to improve the ambiance of the home but as we all know weatherboard cladding is more than the process. Over the years, we have seen more and more people deviate from the conventional weatherboard cladding techniques and materials – timber – for a more sophisticated look, weatherboards come in a variety of material that will wow you with their colors, textures, and designs.

What are my choices for weatherboard claddings?

Many homeowners prefer weatherboard cladding of other variety than timber because the least warranty on weatherboard cladding is above 10 years to a lifetime. Weatherboard cladding looks better as the year passes by and can stand up to the toughest weather condition known and stay intact without cracks, splits, peeling or chirping. Weatherboards have also proven to be a good way to prevent pests from affecting your building but their biggest advantage is that weatherboard cladding is fireproof. It will protect your home from burning to the ground in the eventuality of a fire.

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