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house white weatherboard

Although weatherboard cladding lasts a long time, the newer versions are usually painted to fit the color of the entire structure or the houses in the environment, but as with every manmade object, wear and tear occur and the once elegant weatherboard will need an overhaul paint job.

If you live in the Brighton area and have a property that was previously worked on but needs a redo, we are the guys to call. We are a team of professionals that will bring your old weatherboard cladding back to life with a new sheen.

How do I repaint my old weatherboard?

No matter what materials are used in the cladding, the weatherboard is first sanded down. This process removes bits and pieces and creates a flawless surface where the paint can adhere to properly giving a perfect finish

To get the right effect, you need a professional weatherboard expert to help you with the process. Our team has been renovating and painting weatherboards for homeowners that can’t afford a new weatherboard cladding on their property.

You can come into our office or call us for a free consultation and quote on weatherboard cladding your property today. We are the right guys to weatherboard your home in the Brighton area and surrounding.

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