Weatherboard Cladding Birdham

house white weatherboard

You might be asking the question, why use weatherboard cladding in my Birdham building. Weatherboard cladding provides a really beautiful wall finish when properly done.

Timber is always a great choice for your exterior wall cladding in Birdham. Weatherboards are usually installed by placing boards or planks either horizontally or vertically. Other names for weatherboard cladding include wood cladding, lap siding, clapboard, bevel siding. Sometimes they can be used as an exterior wall finish.

The availability and price of weatherboards make it very prevalent as a wall cladding in Birdham buildings. It is usually very cost effective. It can also be very versatile, meaning that one can use weatherboards to create many different looks in homes. For instance, to create a rustic look, the weatherboards would have to be left in their natural state, and all one needs to do is apply a coat of oil for waterproofing. If one wants to create a modern look, however, they may have to colour the timber with some kind of stain or have the boards trimmed and painted in such a way as to give the house a Victorian look. Weatherboard cladding would require the services of professionals, kindly get in touch with us if you are looking for weatherboard cladding experts in Birdham.

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