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Did you know that timber weatherboards are one of the most traditional cladding systems and can usually be found in a wide variety of profiles and timber species? Various types can be installed either vertically, horizontally, or in some rare cases, even diagonally.

Popular timber species used for weatherboarding include the western red cedar, radiata pine, and macrocarpa. Macrocarpa and cedar weatherboards would discolour when left in their natural state yet they are usually the most durable. Pine boards are usually coated with a stain or paint using lighter colours. Darker colours are hardly used to colour pine boards as exposure to high UV would cause distortion.

Every timber weatherboard, depending on its species or surface finish, has a degree of absorbency.  While some species may need to be treated for durability others can be used in their natural state. Timber weatherboards are typically vulnerable to heat, absorption of water, face splitting and as such must be protected from such conditions. Weatherboards require maintenance and if properly taken care of, can give your Bignor home the ultimate contemporary look which could be the envy of your neighbours. Contact our team for advice on choosing the best weatherboards for your Bignor home.

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