Weatherboard Cladding Ashington

house white weatherboard

When you decide to go weatherboard cladding on your property, you have made a lasting choice that will change the aesthetic of your home forever, in a good way. Cladding of homes has been around for centuries. In fact the Australians clad their buildings to protect them from the harsh weather of the outback including sand storms, rain and pests.

So how did weatherboard cladding come about?

Weatherboard cladding was a construction marvel used by architects to add insulation to homes increasing their warmth especially for homes in cold regions. Later on, they were now used as materials that can add appeal to the appearance of the building because of durability and low maintaining level.

Furthermore weatherboard cladding was also used to control the amount of noise entering the building or even escaping the building. You could say cladding is a secret keeper.

Throughout history cladding have come a long way and now the varieties on the market that have overridden the use of timber to more fashionable materials like PVCu, cement fiber, metals, and synthetic materials all for weatherboard.

So now that you know a bit about how cladding came about, it is your turn to get your building clad with the material of your choice.

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