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Just in case you are not sure what a weatherboard cladding and what it does, then this is for you!

A weatherboard cladding is used to protect the exterior wall of your property in order to protect it from any kind of damaged that can be caused by rain, snow and hail. It is usually laid vertically, horizontally, and either flush, it all boils down to the specifications of the cladding product and your own preference.

This type of cladding was traditionally made from timber but over time, there have been more effective and cheaper alternatives to timber, they are PVCu and fibre cement cladding.

If you are wondering why the timber cladding has gone out of fashion, then you are not alone. A lot of people have asked the same and here is the answer:

There is no doubt that the timber cladding can add some certain aesthetic beauty to your home but we shouldn’t ignore the fact that it is quite expensive and it is easily prone to attack from insect and fungal, it doesn’t stand the test of time when there is an unfavourable weather condition when you compare it with PVCu and composite cladding.

To put the external part of your home in safety, get in touch with us for the installation of a weatherboard cladding.

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