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Weatherboard cladding is the external layer of a house that improves the appearance of the home and protects it from the elements. Your choice of cladding determines the overall layout, design and look of the house. To truly enjoy a good finish means employing the use of a cladding professional.

The choices of weatherboard cladding include timber, stone, brick, cement, and render vertical tiling, metal, flint and synthetic material. However, the amount you decide to spend on weatherboard cladding will determine how the end result will be and how much maintenance is involved to keep it going.

One common and cheapest weatherboard cladding used is the PVCu. These weatherboards are the modern version of cladding materials that can change the look of your home matter of minutes.

PVCu comes in a variety of colors that are easy to fit and they last so long you might get tired of them. If you reside in the town of Albourne and you need to touch up your PVCu weatherboard cladding, and then reach out to us for a paint job that will change the entire exterior of your home. If you need a color change, call us today for a free consultation or an urgent job.

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